My favorite MyPaint brush(es)



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Download the image and the .myb file into the brushes folder (~/.local/share/mypaint/brushes) or its subfolder.

You can add the new brush to a group either by adding the brush name “Ico_OC_PenMy” to the order.conf file in the same folder, or you can start MyPaint and drag the brush from Lost & Found group into another.


It is a slightly edited Ico_OC_Pen brush, which can be found in the 08-Ico-dY group in the old removed brushes pack.

I discovered this versatile brush in the summer of 2010, but around 2014 I noticed, that it no longer behaves like it used to, so eventually I made a version that better suited my preference (if I recall correctly I just moved one slider).

Other brushes

All listed brushes are either included in MyPaint or can be downloaded from


Modelling from classic pack and Blur fast from Ramon pack

Modelling is my second most used brush, very soft, it is great for clouds, mist, soft lights, shadows, and glowing things. When I need to go even softer - like transitions in the sky - I use the blur one.

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Fan#1 and Flat#1 from Dieterle pack

Fan1 is textured and also blends, it makes a very nice painterly result.
Flat1 is simple textured paint, I use it on bigger areas, where the previous brush is too slow, or on tiny areas where I need more control.

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100% opaque from Ramon pack, Fill from Deevad pack, and V1 extreme from Kaerhon pack

100% opaque is good in the initial stage of the painting for filling large areas where other brushes are too slow. When I need to add some color transitions, but the areas are still too large, I use the Fill brush. V1 extreme is great for filling precise shapes with a solid color - usually within an outline.

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Broken line from Dirty pack

You don’t have to break the line manually!

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Starfield from Ramon2 pack and Sparkle from Tone pack

Starfield is simply great for sketches or adding clusters of smaller less visible stars, but a little boring for main stars, where Sparkle can help add rays.

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Sewing from Experimental pack and Fx zigzag from Dirty pack

Quick details on clothes

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