Hello, welcome to my website. You may have noticed that this is not a portfolio but rather a collection of things that i create and experience, to remember the beginnings and the journey.
I prefer to paint digitally, in the past I enjoyed experimenting with different software but since 2010 I am settled on MyPaint. Though digital art is easier for me, I also admire the beauty of traditional art and sometimes experiment with watercolor, gouache, oil-pastels and others.
In 2017 i got into urban-sketching to get better at drawing from life. I also experimented with recording my process, making animations in synfig and making other-things.

Kadmium hell - my watercolor collection and wishlist





Dragons are one of my favorite subjects and so I participate in creative projects of czech dragon community draci.info. The most notable one is a wall calendar, which we make every year since 2009 by selecting the 13 best of competing illustrations made by members for this purpose.

My illustrations for the calendar
Verses for the calendar (česky)

The calendar and other products are available here.