Brick watercolor paint



While collecting the slate for slate watercolor I also picked up little pieces of bricks. It is burned clay, a traditional material for paint, so why not. Furthermore, it is more brittle than slate, so I should have an easier time.

The pieces were already small and brittle enough to crush in mortar and pestle. Then I sieved the result and what didn’t go through got crushed again, and so on.

crushing bricks

When I felt the particles were reasonably fine, I made the paint the same way as from the slate pigment.

mixing paint

I realized that many of the particles were not reasonably fine, so I put more effort into mulling, which didn’t help.


It looks quite nice poured into pans.

filling pans

The color is nice, and after I brush away the larger particles, it looks well. I think it would be a usable paint, if i managed to grind it more.