i never liked using colored pencils even as a child, but i got intrigued by my friend's derwent ones and bought them for myself too (derwent drawing 12 in metal tin) they are the only artist colored pencils i have and they are so amazing, very soft, the colors are natural and harmonious, drawing the tree was such delight. i completely forgot how i enjoy drawing trees (digitally or in watercolor they are such pain for me). but they are so soft that it was difficult to draw the tiny details, this picture is very small. i regret not buying bigger set. the scene is inspired by similar one from my dream, it was just in indoor setting and i didn't want to draw that. they are playing some sort of strategy game where both players can move any of the tetrahedral pieces on the board with triangular fields grouped into areas, there were also some hexagons. a player aims to have his areas in the most valuable state at the end of the game. the sides of the board can be lifted to close it in the shape of a pyramid.